The stairlift which meets your needs exactly

The 2000 is a versatile stairlift system with the tightest track bends available in the market. It can accommodate a wide range of stair configurations and will hug the edge of your staircase so you have more room. The twin rail system provides a safe and smooth ride. It can be supplied in any color.

To provide you with the assurance of safety, we subject our stairlifts to the highest standard of quality and safety by having them all tested and approved by inspectors worldwide for safety.

The 2000 comes with a 2 year parts warranty and limited lifetime warranty on the gearbox and the motor.

The 2000 is available with three seat variations for individual needs. The Smart Seat is supplied with wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery in five color options (replaceable at your leisure).

A powered footplate will automatically hold your footrest up, removing the need for you to bend. All of our stairlifts come with two remote controls, so you can send your stairlift up and down the stairs as needed. It is also ideal for multi-user situations as it can move between levels. The seat of the 2000 can be either powered or manual, at your preference. In addition, all of our stairlifts have safety sensors designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstructions. It can then move in the opposite direction. They also include an accessible key switch to disable the list and prevent unauthorized use.

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