1000 XXL

When Extra Workload is Needed

The 1000 XXL is the most recent addition to our list of available straight stairlifts. With a more variable range, it can serve a greater number of our clients that other models are unable to. The 1000 range continues to be a favorite for many, due to its superb seating system as well as its hidden rack track to maximize clear space on stairways.

To provide you with the assurance of safety, we subject our stairlifts to the highest standard of quality and safety by having them all tested and approved by inspectors worldwide for safety.

The 1000 XXL offers additional support to confidently accomodate users up to 440 lbs, the highest available support in the market. It also comes with an improved center of gravity thanks to its central swivel, and has double arm spacers to increase the width between the arms of the smart seat from 21 to 25 inches. It contains an XXL belt with velcro on either end to hold it in place (43 inches longer than the standard velcro belt). The smart seat depth is extended from 14 to 16.7 inches, and the built-in powered swivel makes getting in and out of the seat as easy as possible.

The seat of the 1000 XXL is supplied with wipe clean, flame retardent upholstery in a choice of six colors (replaceable at your leisure). There is also an extended seat base available to extend the seat base to 16.7 inches.

A powered swivel makes turning the stairlift to get in and out easier. The 1000 XXL offers manual or powered folding footplate and swivel options (watch our videos to see how it works). All stairlifts have safety sensors on them to stop the lift it it means any obstruction. It can then be moved in the opposite direction. We supply our airlifts with an easily accessible key to prevent unauthorized use.

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